Dartmoor is a stunning English oak two basket cat tree that will accommodate two to three kitties. 

Standing at an impressive 124cm high with three beautiful branches and various knots throughout Dartmoor will standout with its rich golden and cream tones.


The solid oak base has slices of jet black resin that shines like glass giving a rich elegant feel. The base has adjustable legs which can be really helpful for uneven floors.


The top tier has a beautiful handmade enclosed condo wicker bed lined with your choice of authentic sheepskin or super soft puffball and the lower tier has a open wicker basket again handmade and  luxuriously finished in authentic quality sheepskin or puffball,  both choices are 100% washable.

Condo caves work great for shy kitties and gives a sense of security to your cat.



Sheepskins are available in five natural shades.

Sheepskin Shade shown here rare breed dark,  I also have black/white Icelandic, rusty icelandic, rare breed light and ivory

Icelandic Sheepskins come in long hair and rare breeds come in short hair choices.



Puffballs have deep crevices that allow your cat to burrow and have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

Available in light or dark coffee shades.


If you wish to have a combination of sheepskin with puffball no problem we can do that to if you so wish, just state in the notes.

This is a very classy piece of English oak art deco that will stand out in your home for many years to come never dating.


Delivery: 5 - 10 business days

This piece will last for kitties entire lifetime 


Dartmoor Cat Tree ref 4921

    • Condo Cave Basket 42x42x35cm,  Entrance 29x26cm
    • Open Basket 49x49x22cm Front Lip 13cm
    • Distance kitty has to jump to first basket 68cm
    • Base 52x46x7cm
    • Depth 50cm
    • Width 75cm
    • Overall Height 124cm
    • Choice of Puffballs or Sheepskins