A handmade generous round of English solid oak sitting on adjustable chrome legs finished with natural oils and a jet black resin slice running through.

This beautiful bespoke piece is a medium honey tone with lovely grains with a good amount of sisal on this piece to keep kitty happy, creatively done in the shape of a spiral.


I have used extra sturdy 10mm thickness of natural sisal so very robust lasting up to 3-4 times longer than high street scratchers for comparison.

Sisal can be replaced using our re-sisal service when eventually needed so no need to buy the scratcher again, the scratcher lasts for kitties life.


Flat cat scratchers sit low to the ground and are ideal for moving to different areas around the house when kitty attacks soft furnishings they shouldn’t.

Flat Scratch also works well for cats that enjoy horizontal scratching rather than vertical, elderly or reduced mobility cats.


Cats love to scratch and they naturally scratch objects in their environment, it's important to them to scratch for claw maintenance and marking territory.

Scratching removes the dead outer layer of claws and helps to keep them clean and sharp, the scratching action also allows cats to stretch, exercise and tone their back and shoulder muscles.


Flat Cat Features


  • Ideal for scratching
  • Allows cats to carry out natural instincts
  • Help to protect your furniture and carpets from scratch attacks.
  • Easy to move round the home
  • Re-sisal service available for this piece 
  • Adjustable legs
  • Lasts a lifetime


Delivery: 3-5 business days

Additional info Height 7cm Width 47cm Depth 40cm Sisal Area 34x34cm

Flat Cat Scratch ref 6021

    • Height 7cm
    • Width 47cm
    • Depth 40cm
    • Sisal Area 34x34cm
    • Adjustable legs
    • Re-sisal service avaiable
    • 10mm heavy duty sisal