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Cat Scratcher Pantanal 8221 


The Pantanal is a versatile luxury flat cat scratcher that can easily be re-located to areas of the home where kitties are destoying your soft furnishings, simply place the Pantanal cat scratcher next to the damaged area.

The Pantanal cat scratcher is also great for elderly or mobility challenged cats.


This gorgeous Pantanal cat scratcher has a unique green resin stem and sisal spirals branching off.

This peice will suit homes looking for medium oak tones to match their existing decor.


OCELOT ~  our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 55cm with 10mm sisal, suitable for breeds like Siamese, Cornish/Devon Rex, Scottish Fold and Sphynx.

SUNDRA ~   bigger than our Ocelot with a minimum height of 70cm with 12mm sisal suitable for breeds like Savannah F3+, Bengal, Birmin, British Shorthair and Persians. 

JAGUARUNDI ~   our largest cat scratcher with a minimum height 90cm with 12mm sisal, suitable for extra large breeds like Maine Coon, Savannah F1,F2 and Norwegian Forest.

PALLAS ~   a larger circumference scratcher sitting lower to the ground with 12mm sisal suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

PANTANAL ~   a versatile scratcher with 10mm sisal that is easily moved to different areas of the house to save soft furnishings from being destroyed, also suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.


      No need to buy again !

      Remember no matter how strong we make our cat scratchers kitties tearing away at it on a daily basis will take its toll and sisal replacement will be needed at some point.

      No need to buy the complete cat scratcher again though,  just use our re-sisal service and save those pennies and our planet ðŸŒ

      Cat Scratcher 8221


        • 6cm (h) x 54cm (w) x 52cm (d)
        • Sisal Spirals 22x22cm 19x19cm 15x15cm
        • Sisal 10mm
        • Adjustable chrome legs
        • Re-sisal Service available
        • Crafted to exacting standards from solid English oak
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