Handmade wicker bed comes complete with sheepskin ready to attach to Sophisticated Scratch Trees.


Completely natural and genuine, our sheepskins are a joy with their soft silky wool, luxurious rich markings and unique mottlings. Apart from ivory no two sheepskins are ever the same making each skin hugely rewarding and personal to the owner.

Boasting rustic charm, these natural sheepskin will compliment any interior especially a traditional farmhouse or country cottage, have nature step inside the home with a one of kind sheepskin that’ll provide kitty with warmth and comfort.

Our genuine British sheepskins offer a luxuriously soft silky wool pile that offers both comfort and warmth for a well loved pet and come ready to be attached to any Sophisticated Scratch tree.

All our sheepskins are hand sewn, finished and inspected , all sheepskins are checked to ensure they meet our strict standards and will come with our easy to follow washing instructions.

Sophisticated Scratch sheepskins are washable with our formulated shampoo.

Woolskin shampoo gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents. 

Woolskin woolwash contains a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants, a dispersant to remove oil based stains and a special blend of conditioning agents to replace the oils normally removed during washing. Further,it contains a hospital approved antibacterial agent (Triclosan) which also minimises odours, and Australian Tea Tree Oil (Malaleuca Oil) which is effective against dust mite.


Our wicker beds come from the heart of the Somerset Levels handmade by the Coate family who have been growing withies on the moors since 1819 and making baskets and willow charcoal for almost 50 years. The unique wetland environment of the Somerset Levels and moors is perfect for growing willow as well as being a haven for wildlife. Basket making willow has been grown here for two centuries, and it is now the only area left where it is still commercially grown and processed for the production of baskets, furniture, garden items and high quality artists' charcoal.


The Somerset Levels is the most important wetland area in the U.K. This unique landscape provides the perfect conditions for willow growing. Here indeed is the heart of the English willow industry, an industry that in many ways has not changed for centuries.

Willow grows extremely quickly, in one growing season which lasts from late May to early October a single rod can reach up to 8ft long. New willow beds are planted in the spring using pieces of willow from the crop harvested during the preceding winter. The new willow bed will not be fully productive in the first three years, but once it is well established, with careful management the plants can last up to 30 years.

Each mature plant or "stool" gives rise to over 30 rods. The crop is harvested each winter time after the leaves have died and fallen, these old leaves provide nutrients for the following years, eliminating the need for artificial fertilisers.

The willow beds provide homes and shelter for many species of birds and animals during the summer months. Willow growing is part of the rich environmental heritage of this area of Somerset. Both the commercial willow crops, or beds and the pollarded willow trees contribute to the character and image of the region.

Machines are now used for cutting the withies and stripping off the bark, but in many ways the industry has hardly changed.


Fancy a different look ?

These baskets come ready to attach to existing platforms on any Sophisticated Scratch tree with 5 natural sheepskin colours to choose from.

Sheepskin Colours

  • Rusty Icelandic
  • Black/White Icelandic
  • Rare Breed Light
  • Rare Breed Dark
  • Ivory





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