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Modern Cat Trees: Elevate Your Home & Spoil Your Cat

Welcome to a world of purrfect harmony where stylish cat furniture meets modern design.

Does your feline friend deserve a castle as stunning as your home? At Sophisticated Scratch, we believe cat furniture shouldn't be an eyesore, but a beautiful and functional addition to your design-conscious space.

Handcrafted in Devon, our exquisite collection of stylish oak cat trees, scratchers, and perches combines timeless elegance with meticulous craftsmanship.

Forget the flimsy, mass-produced eyesores – these are statement pieces that cater to both your cat's natural instincts and your discerning taste.


  • Sleek, modern cat trees with sturdy oak construction and plush sheepskin cushioning, offering your cat a luxurious haven to climb, nap, and survey their kingdom.

  • Handcrafted cat scratchers that seamlessly integrate into your décor, satisfying your cat's scratching needs while protecting your furniture.

  • Stylish cat scratching posts that double as stunning sculptures, enriching your home with a touch of feline flair.

More than just furniture, our creations are bespoke expressions of love. We understand the unique bond between you and your cat, and we're committed to providing them with the best possible environment to thrive.

Explore our collection today and discover the purrfect harmony of style and functionality. Browse our stylish cat trees, modern scratchers, and elegant perches, all crafted with love in the heart of Devon.



First of all these are probably the most beautiful cat scratch sculptures that exist. People that see them in my home gasp and comment, liking them to African sculptures or something. Secondly my cats adore adore adore them. I have a stunning new sofa in which is almost untouched due to the strategic placement of these around my home. They cant go outside so it is a perfect arrangement as they can scratch perch and play on them. Lastly, di and mark are so friendly and kind. I had a small issue with my big three tier perch and mark came three hours driving to hand fix it!!! Free of charge, pleasant as could be, and just such a lovely man.
I can not recommend investing in these cat sculptures enough!!!!

 T. Mcraken

Cat on a cat tree.jpeg


A gorgeous, handcrafted product that looks beautiful in our home. Our kitten loves her cat tree from Sophisticated Scratch and spends hours in here looking out into the garden or curling up to sleep. Wonderful customer service and delivery.


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