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Sophisticated Scratch is a small bespoke business based in The West Country of rural Devon established in 2017 by Di & Mark Gallant cat loving artisans that create handmade reusable natural cat trees and cat scratchers with English oak.

 These oak trees have naturally fallen through wind storms or old age and we have then taken their discarded limbs and created modern reusable cat furniture that lasts kitties whole life time with periodic re-sisal.

Sophisticated Scratch products are so robust you only need to buy kitties cat beds and cat scratchers once helping ease repetitive buying of the same products year in year out. 

Cat scratchers are typically thrown away every 6-12 months on average because the sisal has worn out, this leads to filling up our landfill sites needlessly. 

Sophisticated Scratch offers a re-sisal service replacing the sisal on our cat trees and cat scratchers easing repetition buying which helps to save our environment🌏

Sophisticated Scratch create quality cat trees and cat scratchers which have gone through a loving process with natural oils and beeswax enhancing their beautiful grains and knot formations for your enjoyment.

The aim of these beautiful statement pieces of art is to firstly provide kitties with a raised natural sleeping areas and cat scratch trees they love and can enjoy their whole life and secondly to stand out in any home in a positive way for the home owner to be proud of, we truly believe we have achieved both and are the UKs number 1 English oak cat tree specialists. 

Sophisticated Scratch also has extensive knowledge in large cat trees and cat scratchers for breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's, breeds such as these need cat furniture with extra durability to accommodate their sheer size, strength and weight.

These beautiful artistic sculptures will enhance your home for all to admire while serving as a functional purpose for your cat to scratch, climb and sleep on.

It's time to stop being embarrassed of the plywood cat tree with the sisal carpet falling off or the cat scratcher with the worn out sisal strands all over the floor and be proud to have a Sophisticated Scratch piece of art in your home.

If you are concerned those little minxes will damage your master piece don't worry its kitty proof, the sisal can be replaced with our re-sisal service and best of all you only need to buy once for kitty as Sophisticated Scratch trees will last their whole lifetime.

Sophisticated Scratch cat trees and cat scratchers come ready to use no assembly required. 

Sophisticated Scratch luxury cat furniture making homes beautiful.




As an artisans of handmade cat trees and scratchers we do not mass produce, every piece is bespoke and periodically we have a wait list.

This truly is bespoke art from the west country !

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