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Introducing Sophisticated Scratch

Luxury Cat Furniture for the Modern Cat Owner

Sophisticated Scratch perfect for any cat to do what they love most - lazing and languishing.


Our cat trees are built to last a lifetime from locally sourced Devon oak, developed with comfort and relaxation in mind for your pet.


The bespoke sculptural shape and natural raw beauty of the wood is a showstopper as well as a practical piece of feline furniture.


Designed by artisan duo Mark and Di Gallant, our cat trees are not only handcrafted natural sustainable products cats love, They are also cherished pieces of art to compliment home decor.

Here you will find our current availability of

cat trees & cat scratchers 

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Sophisticated Scratch Supports Gables Cat & Dog Home

About Gables Cat and Dog Home

Gables Cat and Dog Home is a non-profit organisation that provides a safe and loving home for homeless cats and dogs in Plymouth Devon. They rely on donations to fund their operations

to ensure that they can continue to provide their much-needed services.


How to Help

There are a few ways that you can help support Gables Cat and Dog Home:

  • Donate to the auction for a chance to win the Sophisticated Scratch Applewood cat tree on ..........details to follow

  • Make a donation to Gables online or by mail 

  • Volunteer your time at Gables click here


Gables Dogs & Cats Home

204 Merafield Rd



Every little bit helps, and your support will make a difference in the lives of the animals that Gables helps

Gables Dogs & Cats Home (registered charity number 1127194) is a non-euthanasia rescue and rehoming centre that has been helping the region’s unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats since 1907

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 14.39.45.png

Can you


Sweet Cheeks

Age: Approximately 1 year

Sex: Female

Breed: DSH 

Colour: Black

Reason In: Sign over - I cannot be rehomed to the area of Barne Barton as this is where I came from 

Can I live with Dogs?

No - I prefer not to live with dogs

Can I live with Cats?

No- I prefer not to live with cats

Can I live with Children?

Yes - I can live with children aged 8 years and above

Peek a boo! If you can’t see me, I can’t see you.

I am a little darling at heart but I am still a little nervous whilst I am adjusting and settling in here. My comfort at the moment is my tunnel, hiding in here makes me feel safe. 

Some new owner will need to give me some items like this where I can retreat to if I feel unsure about something.

A nice quiet home is what I am after where I can learn to trust you at my own pace. I have never been outside before so my new home will need to be a very safe location, if it is rural, even better.

I have never understood people’s aversion to black cats, because we are just fabulous and have been known to be some of the most loving and affectionate cats around!

Everyday should be black cat appreciation day

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Tel 07738515069

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