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Ancient oak tree

Indulge Your Cat in Luxury
Explore Our Exquisite Cat Beds

Sustainable Luxury: We source our oak from the heart of the Devon countryside, supporting local farmers and utilising wood naturally felled by storms or old age. Once gathered our English oak is seasoned for a minimum of two years to ensure the ultimate in strength, longevity, and natural beauty. This commitment to sustainability ensures you're not just pampering your cat, but also respecting the environment.

Embrace the Natural Beauty: We understand that oak's natural movement may raise questions, however, please be assured that these subtle shifts in form won't compromise your cat tree's structure or strength. Instead, see them as part of the wood's unique story, a testament to its time-honored journey from forest to your haven. Embrace the cracks, shakes, and splits—they are whispers of nature, adding character and warmth to your home.

seasoning oak
fallen oak tree
Lady with a chainsaw

Natural Sheepskins


​The Touch of Luxury:

Nestled atop our oak platforms are sumptuous sheepskin beds, sourced locally in Devon. 

These naturally magical wonders are cool in summer, warm in winter, and incredibly soft for cats.

The breathable fibres act like a natural thermostat, ensuring your feline friend's ultimate comfort. 

Choose from three natural colours  Ivory, Rare Breed, or Brown , each uniquely beautiful and a natural testament to the sheep's individuality.

No two sheepskins are the same, colour and patterns will vary due to them being a natural product, if you are after a particular shade we are happy to send photo's of current stock.

​Effortless Maintenance: Caring for your luxury cat furniture is a breeze. Simply hand-wash the sheepskin beds with our dedicated Woolskin wash if needed, even better give them a regular brush to maintain their pristine allure.


​For the Modern Feline: If sheepskin isn't your cat's style, we offer an equally luxurious alternative - our super soft, washable puffball cat beds. These delightful cushions fit perfectly in our basket range, providing a cozy oasis for your furry friend to snooze in.

cat in a bed
Cream puffball cat bed

Wicker Baskets


Imagine your precious feline lounging regally in a sun-drenched oasis, surrounded by rolling green hills and the gentle whisper of the wind. Now, bring that idyllic scene home with our exquisite collection of handcrafted wicker cat beds, exclusively woven in the heart of the West Country by the Coate family, masters of sustainable willow farming since 1819.

Luxury Woven Into Every Strand: These unique cat baskets are more than just furniture; they're heirlooms, woven with passion, expertise, and generations of knowledge. Each piece is a testament to the natural beauty of willow, meticulously shaped into airy, whimsical designs that invite your cat to curl up and daydream.

Spoil Your Cat with Choice: Choose from three charming designs, each available in medium and large sizes to accommodate any feline, from pint-sized Persians to majestic Main Coons. 

For truly spacious snoozing, opt for the large or two-cat basket, purrfect for those extra-big cat or multi-cat snuggles.

Sustainable Comfort: Immerse your cat in the embrace of environmentally-conscious luxury. Our willow comes from sustainably managed fields on the Somerset Levels, nurtured with care and harvested responsibly. By choosing our wicker cat beds, you're not just pampering your cat, you're investing in the future of our planet.

A World of Wicker Delights: Explore our collection and discover unique cat furniture. Each basket has a solid base and is handcrafted with the same commitment to quality, style, and feline comfort.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of natural elegance and give your cat the gift of a cozy haven woven with love and heritage. 

High wall cat basket bed
Wicker cat cave basket
Taper wicker cat bed

English Oak Finishes

Tung nut

Step into a world where nature's opulence meets feline delight: Sophisticated Scratch is more than just cat furniture; it's an exquisite, unique cat tree carved from the heart of English oak, bathed in the warmth of natural oil, and destined to become your cat's luxurious paradise.

To enhance their natural beauty, some of our oak cat trees boast a high-gloss varnish finish layered over the natural oils. This results in a stunning, reflective surface that complements any décor. However, if a more subdued look is your preference, we also offer cat trees and scratchers with a natural oil finish only. While offering a beautiful, matte appearance, please remember that natural oil finishes may require future reapplication to maintain their beauty and protective qualities.

Nature's Canvas, Expertly Painted: We embrace the inherent beauty of the English oak, using a symphony of natural Danish oil to enhance the stunning natural grain patterns. Hand-rubbed and meticulously layered, these oils nourish and protect the oak, creating a deep, lustrous finish that endures for decades.

Danish Oil: Blending tung oil's power with the versatility of polymerized linseed oil, Danish oil grants a hard-wearing, water-resistant shield while leaving a subtle, elegant finish.

More Than Just Beauty: This natural oil is not merely cosmetic, it breathes life into the oak, allowing it to flex and adapt to changing environments, just like your feline friend.


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