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Ancient oak tree

All our oak is air dried for minimum 2 years or otherwise known as seasoned before it can be used for a cat tree or cat scratcher.

Air Dried simply means that during the drying out process a large percentage of the movement of the timber has taken place so there is less splitting and movement than with green timber especially with oak.

Oak will always have some movement it's a natural wonder so you must expect this. 

We are frequently asked about movement in oak and why does it happen and will it damage the structure or compromise its strength.  The simple answer is they are totally natural and nothing to worry about.

Oak wants to be the same as its environment both in moisture content and temperature. 

During summer months and soaring temperatures timber starts to exhibit cracks and splits where it further dries out from its original point of FSP (Fibre saturation point), and during the cooler months the cracks can start to close again.

Cracks, shakes and splits are all part of the ageing process you will have probably seen this in old listed buildings (see photo below).

Enjoy it and embrace it as it is part of its charm and warmth, watch it and marvel at it’s behaviour, cracks, shakes and splits will disappear, open up, wander and move.

All Sophisticated Scratch cat trees are complete natural pieces of timber we do not bolt limbs on or together, every tree is exactly how nature intended it to be. 

Your cat will love the feel of our cat trees, cat scratchers and will naturally be drawn to the natural sisal and the feel of it on their claws so you don't have to worry about them clawing at the actual tree it will also help to deter them from scratching your soft furnishings.

Sophisticated Scratch products are built to last for years and with the right care a lifetime.

Beautiful Tree
Strong & Sturdy Oak
Oak Furnishings
Natural Cracking
16th Century Oak


All our authentic sheepskins are sourced locally right here in Devon.

Sheepskin's are magical, they are cool in the summer, warm in winter and great for pets of any age.

The fibres breathe and act like a natural thermostat that offer's both comfort and warmth. You can hand wash your sheepskin with our Woolskin wash if kitties soil them otherwise give your sheepskin a brush from time to time and you will keep it looking like new for years.

Our sheepskins come in three colours IVORY, RARE BREED, BROWN please be mindful that these are natural in colour and pattern and will differ from sheepskin to sheepskin.


If you don’t fancy sheepskin we have our super soft washable puffball cat bed which fits nicely in our basket range.



Our wicker cat beds are handmade in the heart of the West Country on the Somerset Levels by the Coate family who have been growing withies on the moors since 1819.

We have 3 basket designs to choose from available in 2 sizes medium and large or 1 cat or 2, for large breeds such as Maine Coon please choose the large or 2 cat basket option.

High Wall Basket

Lowered front for easy access with a high back and sides. 🐈‍⬛ 46x46cm 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 54x54cm

Taper Basket

Low fronted basket sweeping to higher sides & back. Great for cats that like open space & owners wanting to exhibit their kitties 🐈‍⬛ 52x52cm 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 57x57cm

Cave Bed

A good choice for shy nervous kitties and extra warmth 🐈‍⬛ 43x43cm 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 48x48cm

Solid Base

All Sophisticated Scratch baskets are handmade with a solid base giving extra strength and durability


Bees Wax
Tung Oil
Linseed Oil

Natural oils are used on Sophisticated Scratch trees. Tung, Danish, Boiled linseed and beeswax are the ones we favour because we find they really bring out the beautiful natural grain patterns.


To create a deep lustrous finish each cat tree and scratcher has multiple coats of oil applied then final coats of non toxic varnish to preserve the oak for decades to come

Linseed Oil - its hard to believe that from long stems with delicate blue flowers at their ends derive a golden oil.

Linseed oil, also known as flaxseed oil, is one of the most popular wood finishes in the world.


Like other hand-rubbed oil finishes, linseed oil saturates deep into the wood grain to protect against scratches and changes in humidity.

Tung Oil Tung oil or China Wood Oil is arguably the best natural finish for wood.

In over 100 years of development of synthetic resins and varnishes no one has developed a coating that surpasses the overall performance of natural tung oil.

Danish oil is a wood finishing oil, often made of tung oil or polymerized linseed oil,  It can provide a hard-wearing, water-resistant satin finish


Beeswax Polish is a natural wax used to feed and protect bare wooden surfaces, it seals and protects all types of wood and wooden surfaces giving a long lasting, durable and natural looking shine.

Beeswax acts as a protective coating on the surface, enhancing the woods shine and helping keep it looking better for longer.


Here at Sophisticated Scratch we often use resin creating designs merging with the oak giving breathtaking bespoke results that simply will mesmerise you. 

Resin gives your cat tree a beautiful glass like shine as a finish and also protects them from damage by external influences or UV light.

Our resin is non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless, no solvents, no vapours and it is also considered food safe.



Turn the cat tree you have into the one you want

It's easy to trade in your eligible Sophisticated Scratch cat tree for credit towards your next purchase.

Trade in when you buy a new cat tree and we'll apply the value towards your new purchase and recycle your old cat tree for free.

See how much your old cat tree is worth and save on a new one

We'll give you a quote for what your current Sophisticated Scratch cat tree is worth online, just send us a photo and reference number found on the bottom of your tree to

Choose a new cat tree that's right for you and kitties and apply your credit towards that cat tree.

Return is Easy

Sophisticated Scratch will collect your old cat tree when we deliver your new one.

It goes on to help the planet

You may be done with your old cat tree, but chances are it still has more to give. If it's in good shape, we'll help it go to a new owner, diverting waste from our landfills. if not , we'll send it to a recycling centre.

Send your photo and cat tree reference number to

Sophisticated Scratch, Little Silver, Cadeleigh, Devon, EX16 8HL,

Tel 07738515069

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