Lazing Cat Trees

Enhance Your Home With Bespoke Designs

A Sophisticated Scratch luxury cat trees are the ultimate statement piece of art decor for your home, totally bespoke and unique to you. 

Handmade from solid English oak and built to last kitties lifetime these are the UK's strongest cat tree products with the most beautiful elegant look to compliment the home.


Sophisticated Scratch modern cat tree furniture can provide from one to six beds depending on the limbs the tree has grown in its lifetime and can accommodate multiple kitties in one area so they can sleep together.

There are no bolted on limbs to work lose on Sophisticated Scratch trees they are all free flowing solid pieces of art just as nature intended them to be. 

Heights start from 1ft and large tall cat trees can go up to 6ft and are all free standing, there are no assembly instructions involved and no anchor supports needed, our luxury cat furniture arrives ready to use.

Sophisticated Scratch offer a range of different sheepskin toppers and luxury cat beds for all our cat trees so you will never get bored with the look.

Cat beds and sheepskin toppers arrive ready to use there is no assembly needed, simply remove old cat bed or sheepskin and place new on and it's ready for use. 

All our sheepskin toppers and cat beds are removable, reusable and fully washable with various natural shades to choose from.

Cats prefer to sleep and hang out in places with good advantage points at higher elevations, it comes from their instinct to protect themselves.

High positions for sleeping or resting gives them an aerial advantage for spotting any potential dangers around them this is why Sophisticated Scratch lazing cat trees work so well as cats would naturally want to climb trees to be out of harms way.

Cats can get very stressed if they can not find a good advantage point out of harms way which can lead to behaviour problems later on so its important they have their elevated saftey zones around the home.

These beautiful lazing trees will enhance your home for all to admire while serving as a functional purpose for your cat to scratch, climb and sleep on.

The feel and look of a home plays a major role in determining the mood of the place for you and kitty, so it is important to pay attention to the décor and interior design.

A well presented home is good for getting rid of anxiety and stress so if you are tired of looking at mundane cat furniture that stands out for all the wrong reasons than a Sophisticated Scratch is here to help you and kitty of course,  large cat trees, large cat scratchers or small we have it all.

Easy to matching with existing furnishings these beautiful, elegant statement pieces will enhance any home.


If you are concerned those little minxes will damage your master piece dont worry they wont its kitty proof built purposely for them and best of all you only need to buy once for as Sophisticated Scratch trees will last their whole lifetime.

Sophisticated Scratch quality cat trees making homes beautiful.

Cat Scratchers

Help Our 
Environment Use Our
Re-sisal Service

Minimal 10mm
Thick Sisal

Sophisticated Scratch quality cat trees and cat scratchers are extremely durable making them the most robust hard wearing product on the market today.

More than just a cat scratcher or luxury cat bed these handmade bespoke designs have been created as art decor to enhance your homes and replace the less pleasant high street designs that dominate the market place.

Sophisticated Scratch trees and scratchers do not tire easily and keep thier appeal and luxury looks for years and years just like any other quality English oak product. 

Our scratchers starting heights are considerbly larger than store brought ones and come with a two year guarantee.

Only one scratcher created of every design you see making them totally bespoke and unique to you.

The Best Bit 

You only need to buy your scratcher or tree ONCE ! no more repetitive replacment cost and annual trips to the pet shop.

Periodic re-sisal will be necessary of course as kitty sharpens those talons on a daily basis but do not worry you can do yourself or send it back to Sophisticated Scratch using our re-sisal service and we will do it for you. 

We only use 10-12mm quality Agave sisalana (sisal) thickness which is 4-6mm larger than most other cat scratcher brands making them last much longer.

We create large cat scratchers for large breed cats such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's,  these breeds need a cat scratcher and cat tree of substance to with stand the extra strength and weight they have.

Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticated Scratch modern cat furniture and and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.

Sisal worn out don't worry just return your tree and we will replace the sisal for you, prices start from £3.99 per sisal metre. 

If you have a large tree dont worry we do home visits and replace sisal on site.


Mama Scratch

Mama scratch our standard cat scratcher handmade from solid English oak with different bespoke designs.

Mama scratch are available with or without Rodney Rat.

Standing a minimal 50cm with heavy duty 10mm sisal thickness you can't go wrong with this one

Mama Scratch
Mama Scratch
Mama Scratch
Mama Scratch
Mama Scratch

Papa Scratch


Papa Scratch bigger than Mama cat scratcher's with a minimum height of 70cm. This one will suit breeds such as Siamese, British Shorthair and Orientals of a larger size.

Handmade from solid English oak with 12mm extra heavy duty sisal and they come with or without Rodney Rat. 

Different bespoke designs in natural shades to suit all homes.

Papa Scratch
Papa Scratch
Papa Scratch
Papa Scratch

Monster Scratch


Monster Scratch our largest cat scratcher with 12mm natural sisal and lots of it. This one will suit the super size breeds such as Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's.

Monster Scratch are a minimum of 90cm high with a larger circumference and are Handmade from English oak with different bespoke designs.

Monster scratch
Monster Scratch
Monster Scratch
Monster Scratch

Flat Cat Scratch


Flat Cat Scratch is a extremely versatile cat scratcher that can easily be moved around the home to stop kitties attacking soft furnishings they shouldn't.

Flat Cat Scratch also accommodates kitties that have mobility issues or kitties that have reached their senior years.

Flat Cat Scratch
Flat Cat Scratch
Flat Cat Scratch
Flat Cat Scratch

Fat Cat Scratch


Fat Cat Scratch a gigantic circumference cat scratcher sitting lower to the ground suitable for all breeds especially for those kitties that have a tendency to ware cat scratchers rapidly.

Fat Cat Scratch will also suit older and kitties with mobility issues.

Handmade from English oak and available in bespoke designs.

Fat Cat Scratch
Fat Cat Scratch
Fat Cat Scratch
Fat Cat Scratch
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