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Cat Scratchers For Home Decor

Updated: Jul 6

Nature is coming alive at present in Little Silver as we are embarking well into spring and while on my daily dog walks with Wrinkles this week I have been lucky to spot a heron colony with at least 6 nests, lots of pollinating bees and butterflies and even a gorgeous fox.

Ahhh feel good factor achieved thank you Devon 😌

The Latest Release

Papa English Oak Cat Scratcher ref 00122

Ive been playing with my resin ideas again for this piece and I have filled the natural crevice with a beautiful emerald green marbled effect.

I love the result of this medium oak toned scratcher in comes with adjustable chrome legs on the base and heavy duty 12mm natural sisal for kitties to sharpen the talons on and also qualifies for the re-sisal service we offer.

Rodney the Rat swings around for kitties enjoyment and he's a good size too 40cm from head to tail.

A beautiful cat scratcher finished with natural oils and medium oak colour tones sure to impress upon any home decor.

Kitties will enjoy this cat scratcher their whole lifetime and never get bored 😺

We have over 40 cat trees and cat scratchers in stock now so lot's of choices for your kitties and your home and something for everyone's interior design ideas.

We are an online business but we welcome pick up by appointment if you wish to save on shipping cost.

Until next time folks enjoy your weekend love those kitties

Di Gallant with her Shar Pei called wrinkles

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