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Latest Releases

Its been really busy of late so I have lots of new releases to share with you and of course they are all bespoke pieces handmade from English oak.

Here at Sophisticated Scratch we understand how important it is to create cat trees and cat scratchers that kitties will love but equally important is how it will look in your home, after all you will be looking at it for many years.

We have rich warm oak tones and dark oak tones and everything in between. Some have beautiful resin designs in the shape of oak trees we also have authentic oak and acorns emblems encapsulated in resin forever.

If you are looking for a particular colour give us a call or drop us a email, we are happy to help you achieve the look for you home.

Sophisticated Scratch cat trees and cat scratchers typically last 5 times longer than high street options and we have our own in house re-sisal service so you never have to repeat buy again.


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