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Lichtenberg Cat Scratchers

Updated: Jul 6

With my latest pieces added to the collection I channeled my creativity into interior design for the home owner.

The latest release's are 3 very unique cat scratchers, 2 Sundra and 1 Ocelot all with very different designs and creative methods.

Both Mark and myself love thinking out of the box to offer our customers unique designs for their home's while providing a functional piece of furniture for our furry friends.

I have previously talked about how I love working with epoxy resin "see first two photo's above" these have been added to the collection recently , but I would like to bring your attention to the photo on the far right, hereI and have done something completely different and combined a technique called Lichtenberg with resin.

So what is Lichtenberg you ask...

Also known as factual burning Lichtenberg is a process that produces lightening fractures throughout the wood using a high voltage of electric current and a conductive solution.

The passing of electricity at very high voltage between two electrodes while they are in contact with a piece of wood creates these magical patterns which I have then fill with different colours of resin. We incorporate these designs into our Lichtenberg cat scratchers

Lichtenberg is extremely dangerous and should only be done by someone trained and confident in the technique so please do not try this at home.

I plan to release more Lichtenberg designs in the future with different colours but this week I am excited to be releasing Sundra 02322 with red Lichtenberg lightening strikes.

This piece has a large oak base and a good amount of 12mm sisal for kitties to enjoy.

Designed to last kitties lifetime with our re-sisal service

this beautiful Sundra cat scratcher with lend a touch of class to your home.

The majority of us dedicate a lot of hours and money making our home environment as comfortable and self satisfying to our taste of interior design as we can, but so often the tatty old cat tree or cat scratcher is left as the elephant in the room spoiling our efforts.

Here at Sophisticated Scratch we offer solutions to compliment all your interior design efforts with solid English oak cat furniture that is both natural, sustainable and will be talked about in a positive way.

Cats absolutely love Sophisticated Scratch natural products 😻

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