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May Blog 2023 New Cat Tree Designs

Updated: May 20, 2023

New cat tree designs and the latest news from Sophisticated Scratch😺

I walk daily in the Devon countryside come rain or shine with my dog "Wrinkles" and we usually find something that grabs our interest that warrants further investigations.

This morning we found a beautiful bracket fungi growing on the side of a tree, these are very hard woody fungi and not edible but used in Chinese medicine.

The Chinese believe it enhances longevity and is a vitality tonic, you can find them all year round in the UK and we have lots here in Devon.

The far right photo is of a squirrel drey (Squirrel Nest) I spotted it after the baby squirrels gave away their home location while playing in the sun.

Squirrel dreys are built of twigs, dry leaves and grass and usually have one or two entry/exits at the bottom of the nest to keep the rain out.

I know they are naughty little blighters causing damage to woodlands ect but I do think they are cute fluff balls too, but then to be honest I love most animals

New Cat Tree Creations

Mark and myself have been busy and we have 3 new releases for you this month.

The first is Serval ref 1721B this is Marks creativity so all the credit goes to him for this one.

A beautiful English oak cat tree with 2 lazing areas with the ability to accommodate minimal 2 cats, with a built in cat scratcher. Photo shows otter brown sheepskin.

The next two photo's are my creations, the first is Serval ref 3723.

A low lying cat tree with 2 lazing areas for kitties to choose from. I am also able to give you a choice of baskets for this piece with a condo cave at no extra cost.

Both basket options are sizeable, this cat tree can accommodate 3 cats in total.

And last but not least we have a Sundra cat scratcher ref 3823 a gorgeous piece of oak medium in colour. Suitable for all breeds even larger ones.

I have cut the top of the oak limb on a slant to purposely show off the grain pattern on this one.

All our Sundra cat scratchers have 12mm sisal as standard so kitties will be kept busy scratching for a good long while.

Something Different

Every now and then you will see me create something completely different and nothing to with cats at all.

This month I have a English oak wine rack to offer you.

This wine rack holds 3 bottles of wine and 4 glasses, its a totally bespoke piece handcrafted from English oak and would make an excellent gift for some lucky recipient.

All our products arrive fully assembled ready for use with free UK delivery, If you have any questions we are always here to help.

Members you will receive our discount codes for May on a separate email.

Look out for Junes blog post 👀 until next time

Mark & Di


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