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Natural Cat Scratcher & Bed Designs

Updated: Jul 6

This weeks English oak home enhancing decor releases for you to enjoy include one for dogs as well as cats and a beautiful resin beach scene.

Beach English Oak Mama Scratch ref 12722 I absolutely love this piece its just mesmerising to look at. I have created a beach scene with waves lapping the shore. This one will suit homes looking for a contemporary piece to go with their existing home decor.…/12722-mama-scratch

Mama English Cat Scratcher ref 12422 A Gorgeous handmade medium/dark English oak Mama cat scratcher amazing shades throughout with elegant black glass like resin running the ageing oak crevices. Good amount of natural sisal on the scratching area of the stalk in hearty 10mm thickness.…/mama-cat-scratcher-r… Papa English Oak Cat Scratcher ref 12522 The English Oak Cat scratcher is medium to dark in tone with gorgeous aged crevices, grains and a very distinctive beautiful knot neat the bottom of the stalk that are sure to impress on any home decor.…/12522-papa-cat-scrat… Fireside English Oak Condo for Two ref 12622 The colour tone on this piece has been classed as medium to dark oak with black resin running through a natural ageing crevice's with a gorgeous knot to the front of the stalk. We have three wicker baskets designs to choose from each lined with super soft natural sheepskin or puffballs for kitties and toy breed dogs comfort, both are washable. Baskets are available in two sizes, medium basket for one cat or the large basket allows two cats to snuggle together. Beautifully designed to aesthetically enhance home decor at the same time serving as a functional piece of furniture for kitties and small toy breed dogs.…/fireside-condo-ref-1… I hope you enjoy this weeks new pieces I certainly enjoyed creating them for you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask we are always here to help. As with all Sophisticated Scratch products they are designed to last kitties lifetime, handmade with natural materials and totally bespoke. We offer payments plans to spread the cost a little if you prefer and we offer a re-sisal service for all scratchers to help our environment 🌏 Sophisticated Scratch is a small bespoke business based in The West Country of rural Devon established in 2017 by Di & Mark Gallant cat loving artisans that create handmade reusable natural cat trees and cat scratchers with English oak. Tel 07738515069

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