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New this week


This weeks new releases from Sophisticated Scratch.

Papa Cat Scratcher ref 3321

Fat Cat Scratcher Ref 3221

Re-sisal service available when needed.

Sophisticated Scratch luxury cat trees last for kitties entire lifetime but with razor sharp claws tearing at the sisal on a daily basis it will inevitably need replacement at some point in the future especially if you have more than one cat.

When kitties have eventually worn through the sisal Sophisticated Scratch offers a convenient re-sisal service so you never have to buy a new scratcher or lazing tree again

Papa Cat Scratcher

Larger than Mama Scratch measuring from 80cm tall and handmade from solid English Oak or Applewood.

Papa Scratch suits all domestic breeds especially larger cats

Fat Cat Scratcher

A gigantic circumference cat scratcher approximately 3-4 times fatter than a Mama or Papa sitting lower to the ground. Handmade from solid English oak ideal for all breeds but especially for kitties that have a tendancy to wear out scratchers fast, homes with more that one cat and cats with mobility issues. Suitable for all breeds

Why not take a look on our website for other inspiring ideas to please your kitties and your home 😻

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