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Snuggles Cat Tree For Two

Snuggles quality cat trees are single stalk luxury cat beds made from English oak and Somerset wicker.
Snuggles can accommodate 2 average size breeds so they can sleep together, this is a bespoke piece of modern cat furniture Sophisticated Scratch will continue to keep in stock although each one different the same concept will apply.
Each piece will have its own unique reference number and bespoke look. This particular piece comes with a handmade natural swinging rat toy only available from Sophisticated scratch.
Cats snuggle for safety and protection.
Seeking warmth, safety and protection is a feline behavior rooted in the early days of kittenhood and adult cats continue to crave this later in life too. Thus, your kitty instinctively looks for warmth, protection and security when it comes to nap.
These quality cat trees offer that safety and protection they crave.
Snuggles has a handmade wicker basket with a super soft puffball bed inside or this can be substituted for authentic sheepskin if you prefer and there are five natural shades to choose from.
  • Rare Breed Light

  • Rare Breed Dark

  • Ivory

  • Rusty Icelandic Longhair

  • Black & White Icelandic Longhair

The wicker basket has been specially designed to keep you cats back warm whilst still keeping them visible for you to see them enjoying those snoozes. The English oak stalk will have a large cat scratcher area for kitties to enjoy with a masssive 12mm sisal thickness for longevity. Cats scratch in order to mark their territory, It leaves a visual signal to other cats, as well as scent from glands in their paws. Scratching allows a cat to stretch and work all of the muscles and tendons from her toes to her neck. Scratching may also help them look after their claws, since it can remove old claw sheaths. Snuggles is a very versatile piece of luxury cat furniture that takes up very little space it gives kitties all they need and the owner gets a beautiful piece of modern cat furniture to admire. Sophisticated Scratch making homes beautiful

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