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Lets start with the latest happy kitties from Sophisticated Scratch this is Gingerbread and Coco. SJ their human mom treated them both to a snuggles cat tree and a beautiful Papa scratch last week "lucky furballs".

We had barely got out the door after delivery and as you can see they are already enjoying their new furniture especially Rodney the Rat.

I am certainly more comfortable making cat trees and cat scratchers than I am being a photographer, but saying that I do enjoy taking the odd snap or two of the countryside and this week at my home in Devon I wanted to capture the beautiful flowers that are blessing the countryside at present, we have such an abundance of early flowers this year especially daffodils.

Uplifting aren't they 😁

Now for this weeks new release’s 😺

Snuggles English Oak Cat Tree Ref 13022

Snuggles a luxury cat tree handmade from solid English oak with built in cat scratcher for convenience and a luxury wicker basket bed lined with either authentic sheepskin or puffball.

This Snuggles cat tree (13022) has rich medium/dark English oak tones with a beautiful branch to swing a cat toy and will accommodate 1-2 cats comfortably.

Designed with elegant simplicity in mind this piece will suit most home decor.

Papa English Oak Cat Scratcher with Rodney Rat Ref 12922

A beautiful handmade English Oak Papa Scratch with lots of character.

Deep dark rich oak tones with lots of hearty 12mm natural sisal on this bespoke piece to keep kitties busy for a long time.

English oak ageing crevices and various knots on the the stalk with a small

branch give this piece real character and elegance.

Papa Scratch suits all breeds especially bigger kitties.

Mama English Oak Cat Scratcher with Rodney Rat ref 12822

A beautiful solid handmade English oak cat scratcher from our Mama cat scratcher range with amazing colouring throughout with lots of detail.

This bespoke cat scratcher has rich deep dark tones with black resin in the crevices of the base giving very classy look.

Mama Scratch suits all kitties

Finally meet another happy kitty of a different kind, but not because he had a new cat tree or cat scratcher, but because he's a surf dude 😺

Meet Dobby a gorgeous 17 month old chocolate point siamese on his beach day out. Dobby belongs to a dear friend that lives on the coast so this is his environment.

I am an avid lover of Siamese cat's and I have had them my whole life, their personality is friendly, affectionate, outgoing, and social. This beautiful breed is also one of the most intelligent around.

Siamese are loving and trusting with humans and can be quite dog like in their ways, they thrive with lots of positive human interaction as you can see here.

Sophisticated Scratch is a small bespoke business based in The West Country of rural Devon established in 2017 by Di Mark Gallant cat loving artisans that create handmade reusable natural cat trees and cat scratchers with English oak to enhance home decor and give kitties functional furniture to play, exercise and sleep on.

Thats it for this week folks until next time love your kitties and you will be rewarded with love back 😻

Di xx

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