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Luxury Cat Bed Latest 😺

Updated: Jul 6

I would like to start this blog with a big thank you to all our customers for supporting Sophisticated Scratch through unprecedented times.

With many small business struggling or unfortunately even closing we are happy and grateful to be soldiering on bringing happiness to your homes with our creative cat furniture so thank you.

In this blog I would like to tell you a little bit about our Serval Cat Tree range.

Serval is a solid English oak bespoke luxury cat bed handcrafted from a oak tree with 2 lazing platforms with the ability to accommodate a minimum of 2 cats.

Serval comes in many natural shapes and sizes to give kitties the ultimate comfort but the concept of 2 sleeping areas remains the same.

The structure of Serval consists of a natural developed English oak limb sitting on a oak base with two lazing areas which can either be a solid oak platform or handmade wicker basket.

The oak limb configuration is free flowing piece of art just how nature intended it to be, we do not bolt limbs on.

We store our English oak in our seasoning area for up to 2 years before we create a cat tree with it. This allows it to dry naturally and reduce moisture content to around 20-30% minimising movement, cracks and splits.

Sophisticated Scratch always uses Seasoned Oak.

Authentic sheepskin adorns the lazing areas, available in a multitude of natural colours all washable, we also have super soft puffballs if you prefer.

Serval can come with or without a sisal scratching area, some people prefer to look at the beauty of the natural oak and have a separate cat scratcher.

Serval has been designed to last your cats life time and give you a ornate natural piece of art in your home to compliment interior design,

I hope you enjoyed finding out about Serval and if you have any questions we are always here to help.

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These are absolutely stunning. I've had the privilege of seeing Di and Mark's workshop first hand and the transformation from a lovely, but ordinary, oak limb into a beautiful piece of furniture is incredible. Wood is amazing in its own right and Di shows off the wood, bringing out its uniqueness. I absolutely love the resin bases (see blog 3/9/22). These are meant for the cats, but it's art for people too.

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