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This Weeks News 🐈‍⬛

We had wonderful visitor to the kitchen window this week, a beautiful little bullfinch. Bullfinch's have been in declined by 36% since 1967 so it was an honour to have him.

We have signs of spring here in Devon with the lovely snowdrops and the river Dart in full flow, Wrinkles our Shar pei is certainly enjoying the milder weather too.

Now for this weeks new release

Dawlish English Oak Cat Tree ref 11322

This is a stunning handmade statement cat tree and will suit homes that are looking for a rich medium oak colour tone to match with existing home decor and will accommodate 3-6 kitties on it limbs.

This piece stands at an impressive 5ft high and available with either sheepskin's or puffballs all washable.

With pennies tighter than ever these days it can be a struggle to treat ourselves so Sophisticated Scratch are pleased to offer a payment plan to spread the cost a little interest free.

With the gloom and doom in the news of late it's important to reward ourselves but please do buy responsibly.

We also offer a trade in service for Sophisticated Scratch lazing trees this is great for those that fancy a change. Get money off the purchase price of your next piece, read more here

Sophisticated Scratch Personal deliveries are to the north on February 10th for those that want to make it extra special, there is no extra cost for this service 😺

Next pieces to be released

Mama Scratch

Papa Scratch

Snuggles Cat Tree

Mama Scratch Elite (more about this next week)

Thats it for now folks until next week cuddle those kitties and hold them dear there special 😻

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