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This Weeks News 🐈

We had a great little visitor this week and to be honest this is the first up close sighting I have ever had of a stoat, its not a great picture but thought I would share with you all anyway. I adore the wildlife and nature.

While delivering cat trees to some lovely customers this week we were rewarded with some delicious traditional baking from Manchester a big thank you to Siti and her husband for that.

Moving on to the new releases, Mark and myself have three to offer you this week 😻

Firstly a Papa Scratch ref 11722 this cat scratcher is English oak light in tone with ample 12mm sisal. Papa scratchers suit all breeds especially larger ones

Next we have Snuggles ref 11622

Snuggles cat trees will accommodate 2 average size breeds so they can sleep together or one large breed such as a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest or Savannah.

Medium to light oak in tone and the base has an elegant jet black glass like resin slice in the natural crevice.

Snuggles cat tree is a very versatile piece of luxury cat furniture that takes up little space and gives kitties a scratcher and bed all in one.

Finally the last release is a beautiful piece called Dawlish ref 11322

This is one of our largest cat trees and will suit homes that are looking for a rich medium oak color tone to match with existing home decor and will accommodate 3-6 kitties on it limbs. With three different handmade wicker basket areas for kitties and incredible grain this piece will sure to impress on your home decor.

Samuel our siamese is very happy to model this one for you all.

Quick fact for you

Did you know cats can jump 6 times their length 😼

Thats all for this week folks love those kitties treat them special they are so precious.

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