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This Weeks News 😺

It's been a very hot week and more to come they say.

Typically, cats need between 3.5–4.5 ounces (about ½ a cup) of water per 5 pounds of body weight per day so make sure kitties water bowl is topped right up with fresh water especially in this extremely hot weather they are not used too.

We have a new creation for you this week one of our solid Applewood and English oak cat trees has been released today.

Applewood lumber is tough and durable, which makes it perfect for fine furniture, carving and turned items and one of the most stunning hardwoods on the market. Unfortunately it is not available in abundance.

We support our local apple orchards as a source of lumber for our applewood cat trees after their fruit giving days are over which on average is 25-35 years.

Mark and myself worked on this piece together and we are very pleased with the outcome. Its quite a tall slim cat tree standing near 7ft with the cave bed a bit less with the open basket option.

The latest happy kitties enjoying their cat scratchers

This beautiful resin and English oak Ocelot cat scratcher is also off to its new home, hopefully we will be able to share photos of the new furry owner soon.

I will be creating more resin art over the coming weeks so keep watching 👀

Thats all for now folks

Di & Mark

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