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This weeks news !

New cat trees this Week 😻 All Handmade from English Oak and West Country wicker. 🐈‍⬛

Ref 5522 Daisy

A beautiful cat tree for one special kitty with built in scratcher & Rodney rat great if you don't have much room to spare in the home.

Ref 5321 Exmouth Cat Tree

Great for 2-3 kitties that like to cuddle together.

Exmouth also has a built in scratcher for convenience and a Rodney rat.

Ref 5221 Dartmouth Cat Tree

This is one of my bigger creations for large breeds and can accommodate 2 large breed cats up to 15kg each. I had Maine Coons, Savannah's and Norwegian Forest cats in mind for this one although it will comfortably fit 4 average size breeds if you wanted.

Make sure you have room for this one 😺

Ref 09321 Condo Cave

Just the ticket for the shy kitties that like to hide and have privacy. Condo Cave has a built in scratcher and can house 1 kitty and takes up very little space.

Remember the tree is for life just use our re-sisal service when sisal needs replacement.

You also have the choice of sheepskin or puffballs all washable.

Cat trees come assembled and ready for kitties to use.

Rodney Rat is handmade from sheepskin and sisal. Rodney is a association toy he lets kitty know that the cat tree or scratcher is theirs to play and sleep on.

Its been a busy week and I am a bit low on Papa Scratchers but I am working on more and they should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Lots more choices available on the website.

Thats it for now folks

Di 🐈

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