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Welcome New Members

Welcome to My World

I would like to express the warmest of welcomes to all Sophisticated Scratchers old and new.

You are probably here because you either love cats, proud of your home or love our countryside or may be all of the above and could blame you.

Most of you know me but for those who don't my name is Di and along with my husband Mark we create handcrafted English oak cat trees and cat scratchers in rural Devon to compliment home decor and of course please those little furry monsters we love so much.

The Heart of Rural Devon

I consider myself very lucky to work and live in the heart of rural Devon and I love taking the odd snap or two on my daily walks so I can share the beautiful countryside with you.

I gather a lot of my inspiration for my work while out walking in the fresh air, taking in all the tree formations that surround me I usually return totally energised and I cant wait to get to my workshop.

Latest Creations

Members Discount

I write a blog usually at the beginning on the month so you know what's been happening here at Sophisticated Scratch.

Members that have signed up to our website will receive discount codes from me around about the same time as the blog.

This month our members will receive 15% off all cat trees.

To become a member just go to our website and fill in your contact details

What's Been Going On

What's been going on at Sophisticated Scratch lately you may ask ?

Well we have been busy creating cat trees for clients with larger breeds this past few weeks.

Customers are finding it very difficult to find cat furniture on the high street that stands up to the test of time, and with bed areas large enough to accommodate those breeds such as Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest and the Savannah"s that are closer to the Serval side of breeding.

We handcraft every cat tree at Sophisticated Scratch so we can offer this custom made option at no extra cost to our customers.

We also use 12mm sisal on our cat scratchers for these breeds it also suits owners with more than one kitty where a scratch area can become a busy spot.

Don't forget our cat scratchers are guaranteed, natural, sustainable and re-useable with our re-sisal service so you never need to repeat buy again.

That's it for now folks until next time happy purrs

Di, Mark


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