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Cat Scratcher 4523 from our Ocelot collection


This stylish luxury English oak cat scratcher is from our Ocelot collection.

Handmade, light in tone and finished with natural oils this is a beautiful natural long-lasting piece of bespoke cat furniture.

The 10mm sisal scratching post is perfect for your cat to sharpen their claws and keep them from scratching your furniture.

This cat Scratcher is the perfect size for average-sized cats like Siamese, Cornish/Devon Rex, Scottish Fold, and Sphynx.

It is the optimum height for your cat to reach and scratch.

Re-sisal service available so you never have to buy a cat scratcher again




  • Handmade from solid English Oak
  • Finished with natural oils
  • 10mm sisal scratching post
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect size for average-sized cats




  • Keeps your cat happy and healthy
  • Prevents your cat from scratching your furniture
  • Adds a touch of style to your home
  • Re-sisal Service
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Arrives assembled ready to use


Order your Ocelot Cat Scratcher today and see the difference it makes for your furry friend!


Our Cat Scratcher Range


OCELOT ~  our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 55cm with 10mm sisal, suitable for breeds like Siamese, Cornish/Devon Rex, Scottish Fold and Sphynx.

SUNDRA ~   bigger than our Ocelot with a minimum height of 70cm with 12mm sisal suitable for breeds like Savannah F3+, Bengal, Birmin, British Shorthair and Persians. 

JAGUARUNDI ~   our largest cat scratcher with a minimum height 90cm with 12mm sisal, suitable for extra large breeds like Maine Coon, Savannah F1,F2 and Norwegian Forest.

PALLAS ~   a larger circumference scratcher sitting lower to the ground with 12mm sisal suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

PANTANAL ~   a versatile scratcher with 10mm sisal that is easily moved to different areas of the house to save soft furnishings from being destroyed, also suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

Cat Scratcher 4523

    • Height 64cm
    • Sisal Area 40x36cm
    • Sisal 10mm
    • Oak Base 49x44cm


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