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Cat Tree 5023

This  cat tree has medium to light oak tones, 3 lazing platforms with a choice of three basket designs in two sizes for either one cat to sleep solo or two cats to snuggle.

We can add a optional oak sisal scratch post to the base of this piece if you wish so kitties have a scratching area all in one place.

Sophisticated Scratch also offer a re-sisal service so you never need to buy a cat scratcher again just replace sisal when needed.


Our sheepskins come in 3 natural shades or you can choose our super soft puffballs, both are washable at low temperatures. 

Sheepskin shades

  • Rare breed
  • Ivory
  • Brown


  • Coffee
  • Cream


Encourage Natural Instincts

Enhance your cat's playtime with our exclusive Rodney the Rat, a handmade cat toy crafted from sheepskin and sisal. This irresistible rodent-inspired toy will encourage your cat to exercise their natural hunting instincts, keeping them entertained and engaged for hours on end.


Rodney: The Perfect Playtime Companion

Rodney the Rat is more than just a toy; he's a valuable tool for teaching your cat acceptable behavior. By providing Rodney, you can help protect your furniture and redirect your cat's instincts towards an appropriate outlet.

Tip! place Rodney next to a cat scratcher to deter cats from scratching soft furnishings.


This bespoke English oak cat tree is the perfect place for your furry friend to play, relax, and scratch.

Handcrafted art from high-quality English oak sure to last for many years to come.
5023 has the ability to accommodate up to 6 cats with the two cat basket option and 3 cats with the one basket option.

Note: Cave basket can only be placed on the top of the cat tree



  • Medium to light oak tone
  • 3 lazing platforms
  • Choice of basket designs for either 1 cat or 2 ( designs can be mixed )
  • Solid English oak and sisal scratch post (optional)
  • Choice of washable authentic sheepskin or puffball beds
  • All handcrafted and designed to last a lifetime
  • Re-Sisal service available



  • Provides your cat with a place to play, relax, and scratch
  • Made from high-quality materials to last for many years
  • Soft and comfortable for your cat to enjoy
  • Comes with a choice of basket designs 
  • Optional sisal scratch post helps to protect your furniture
  • Natural handmade Rodney Rat toy for your cat to play with


Order your English oak cat tree today and give your cat the gift of comfort and entertainment!


Free UK delivery 

No assembly required, cat tree arrives ready for use.

Cat Tree 5023

    • Height with Cave Basket 144cm
    • Height with High Wall Basket 130cm
    • Height with Taper Basket 120cm


    • Oak Sisal Scratch Post ( Optional ) 50-65cm
    • Width 84cm
    • Depth 92cm
    • Weight 21kg
    • Rodney Rat 35x14cm
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