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Cosy Sheepskin Cat Basket Set: Handcrafted Purrfection for Your Feline Friend


Nestle your furry friend in the lap of luxury with our exquisite Cosy Sheepskin & Wicker Basket Set, handcrafted in the heart of Somerset by the Coate family, masters of wicker weaving since 1819.


Three Chic Designs for Every Feline Fancy:

  • Cave Bed: A snug haven for solitary sleepers, offering a secure and cozy retreat (48x48x42cm).

  • Taper Bed: Ideal for playful pairs, providing ample space for cuddling and lounging (57x57cm).

  • High Wall Bed: A regal choice for independent cats who love to survey their domain from a lofty perch (54x54cm).


Warmth & Comfort All Year Round:

Each set comes with your choice of a sumptuously soft sheepskin liner, sourced locally in Devon. These natural wonders keep your cat cool in summer and toasty in winter, breathing naturally to adjust to their temperature needs. Available in three elegant colors:


  • Rare Breed: A stunning blend of rich browns and cream for a touch of rustic charm.
  • Ivory: A creamy white that adds a touch of elegance to any room.
  • Brown: A warm and inviting hue that evokes the cozy comfort of a winter cabin.

All sheepskins will be different in pattern and colour due to being a natural product!


Durable & Easy to Care For:

Built to withstand even the most energetic paws, our sturdy wicker baskets feature solid bases for lasting stability. And keeping them clean is a breeze! Both the wicker and sheepskin are easily washable with our included Woolskin wash.


Shop Now & Pamper Your Cat:

Give your feline friend the gift of ultimate comfort and style with our Cosy Sheepskin & Wicker Basket Set.

Choose your perfect combination of design and sheepskin color today!


Order your set now and let the purring commence!

UK Delivery Included

Sheepskin Cat Basket Set

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