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Spoil your feline friends with the Cat Tree 6024, a beautifully handcrafted English oak cat tree designed to provide a cozy and stylish space for your cats to play and rest.

With three sleep areas, this tree has the ability to accommodate up to four domestic size cats, with the middle sleep area being large enough for a big breed like a Mainecoon.

The medium to light oak tones give it a natural and elegant look, and you have the option to choose from three natural shades of sheepskin to match your home decor.

This high-quality cat tree is not only a comfortable retreat for your pets, but also a gorgeous addition to your living space. Provide your cats with the ultimate luxury and comfort with the Cat Tree 6024.

Cat Tree 6024

    • Height 132cm
    • Width 87cm
    • Depth 63cm
    • Base 48x48x10cm

    Sleeping Areas

    • Top 33x30cm
    • Middle 50x41cm
    • Bottom 28x28
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