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Unleash Your Cat's Inner Explorer with the Luxurious Cat Tree 6124


Imagine your feline friend perched regally atop a elegant English oak cat tree, surveying their kingdom from a plush, sheepskin-lined basket, or if you prefer a super soft puffball beds instead of sheepskins are available, both bedding options are washable.



  • Ivory (shown)
  • Rare Breed
  • Brown


  • Coffee
  • Cream


    Cat Tree 6124 isn't just for play & snoozing  its a structure that takes up little room and can accomodate up to 2 cats, it's a bespoke handcrafted statement piece that elevates both your cat's comfort and your home's décor.

    More than just a cat tree, the Cat Tree 6124 is a conversation starter. It's a stunning focal point for your home that provides endless entertainment and relaxation with maximim stability for your beloved feline companion.

    The base has adjustable legs to suit all flooring types adding extra stability.


    Why not treat your feline friends to our natural cat toy Rodney Rat.

    Rodney Rat is the most natural cat toy you will find, he is made from all-natural materials that are safe for your cat to chew and play with. Cats love Rodney you can find out more about our adorable rodent here


    Unparalleled Design:

    • Sweeping Elegant Limb & Wicker Basket: A majestic oak limb with three elegant steps leads to a cozy wicker basket bed, offering the perfect vantage point for napping or keeping watch.
    • Two Size Options: Choose the medium basket for your single feline or the large option to comfortably accommodate two cats, or even a solo Maine Coon.
    • Elegant Accents: Black resin inlays weave through the naturally aged oak, adding a touch of sophistication that complements any décor.


    Unmatched Comfort:

    • Genuine Sheepskin Lining: The top bed area is luxuriously lined with authentic sheepskin, available in three beautiful natural colors. Each sheepskin is unique, offering your cat a one-of-a-kind lounging experience. Puffballs are avilable in coffee and cream. Photos available of current sheepskin choice. (sheepskins will vary in colours & pattern due to being a natural product)

    Unwavering Quality:

    • Built to Last: Expertly crafted with premium materials, the Cat Tree 6124 is an investment piece designed to endure your cat's adventures for years to come.
    • Two-Year Guarantee: We stand behind our quality with a two-year guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction.


    Order your bespoke cat tree today and let your cat experience the ultimate luxury!


    Cat Tree 6124

      • Height 126cm (4.13ft)
      • Width 60cm
      • Depth 58cm
      • Weight 20kg
      • Steps 29x24cm
      • Basket 🐈‍⬛ 52x52cm 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 57x57cm
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