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Unleash Your Cat's Inner Explorer with Our All-Natural Applewood Cat Climber!


This stunning cat tree is crafted from beautiful, natural applewood, featuring unique knots and a distinctive grain that complements any home décor.

It boasts two spacious sleeping areas, perfect for even the largest feline friends (think majestic Maine Coons!). The highest perch offers a panoramic view of their kingdom, while the lower one provides a cozy retreat.


Authentic Luxury for Your Feline Royalty:

Each sleeping area is luxuriously lined with genuine sheepskin, available in three gorgeous natural colors that vary slightly in pattern and shade, adding a touch of elegance.

Current stock of sheepskins can be emailed prior to purchase


Built-in Entertainment and Scratching Paradise:

Never worry about shredded furniture again! This all-in-one cat haven features a built-in sisal scratching post made from a robust 12mm sisal rope, keeping your kitty entertained and your furniture safe.


Effortless Convenience and Long-Lasting Quality:

Applewood timber is a true gem for cat trees! Its beautiful grain with unique knots and swirls offers a stunning natural aesthetic that complements any home. It's also incredibly strong and durable, ensuring your feline friend's climbing palace lasts a lifetime.

Your magnificent applewood cat tree arrives fully assembled and ready for immediate enjoyment. Plus, UK shipping is included for your ease!

This exceptional piece of feline furniture is designed to last a lifetime, backed by a reassuring 2-year guarantee.


Treat your cat to the ultimate luxury and elevate your home décor with this exquisite applewood cat tree!


Cat Tree 01922

    • (h) 137cm 
    • (w) 90cm
    • (d) 87cm
    • Upper oak platform 58x54cm
    • Lower oak platform 33x31cm
    • 2 helper steps
    • Weight 28kg
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