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Cat Scratcher Heaven

Updated: Jul 6

This week I would like to show off a bit of brightness to add to your home decor with our colourful cat scratchers.

Each cat scratcher is totally unique, hand crafted from English oak and designed to last kitties lifetime with our re-sisal service.

Our elegant cat scratchers are proving to be popular with owners matching them to their decor taste and cats just love this sustainable natural product.

Sophisticated Scratch products use a minimal of 10mm sisal thickness compared to the common 5mm you will find on the high street, often we use 12mm making our cat scratchers a certain longevity winner.

Our our re-sisal service starts from only £29 and typically will only need replacing ever 2-3 years, the stalk and base will last kitties lifetime.

We have different designs to choose from and some even have a sweet little authentic acorn and oak leaf in the stalk to show the attention to detail we have taken in providing this quality product making them an excellent gift for those home and cat lovers.

Watch out for new creations coming into our online shop over the coming weeks.

Fractal burning red resin cat scratcher

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