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This weeks news !

Latest releases

  • Snuggles for two Ref 4821

  • Montgomery Ref 4721

  • Daisy Ref 2921

  • Flat Cat Scratch

  • Papa Scratch Ref 4521

I have been really busy creating this week and The Daisy cat tree is proving to be rather popular indeed.

Daisy is handmade from English oak and designed for those of us that have smaller spaces. Daisy cat trees are for one cat with a built in scratcher and totally bespoke.

I will be creating more Daisy cat trees on a ongoing basis going forward.

Snuggles and Montgomery cat trees have the ability to provide three different looks to suit both summer and winter months and decor and are made from English oak. You have the option to use either the puffball or the sheepskin on their own for the hotter months and combine both for the cooler winter months.

Our authentic sheepskins are washable and come in five natural shades. Both Snuggles and Montgomery cat trees can accommodate 2 average size breeds so they can sleep together or one large breed such as a Maine Coon. This is a bespoke piece of modern day cat furniture that Sophisticated Scratch will continue to keep in stock although each one the same concept will apply. Each piece will have its own distinct reference number .

Montgomery sits lower to the ground and is also an ideal choice for elderly cats or cats with poor mobility issues, they are also ideal for smaller dogs such as Jack Russells.


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