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Spoil Your Feline Friend with the Sophisticated Scratch Pallas 8321 Cat Scratcher

A handcrafted masterpiece that combines style, comfort, and durability for your precious feline.


Designed with Your Cat's Needs in Mind:

  • Easy Access for All Cats: The low-to-ground design makes this scratcher ideal for senior or mobility-challenged cats, allowing them to scratch comfortably without any hurdles.
  • Solid Devon Oak Elegance: Made from beautiful, medium-toned Devon oak, this scratcher complements any home decor, seamlessly blending luxury with functionality.


A Scratching Haven They'll Love:

  • Unmatched Durability: Featuring 12mm thick, naturally sustainable sisal, the Pallas 8321 is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic scratching sessions.
  • Long-lasting Enjoyment: Adjustable legs ensure stability on any surface, while our 2-year guarantee and re-sisal service guarantee years of satisfied scratching.
  • Easy moved around the home to save soft furnishings


More Than Just a Scratcher, It's a Work of Art:

  • Unique and Stylish: The handcrafted design and natural beauty of the wood transform this scratcher into a conversation piece that elevates your home's ambiance.


Sustainable Choice for a Happy Planet:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Made with naturally sustainable materials, you can feel good about providing your cat with a product that's kind to the environment.


Invest in Your Cat's Happiness, Pallas 8321 this luxurious cat scratcher is the purrfect gift for your feline companion. 

Order yours today and witness the difference it makes in their life!


No need to buy again !

Remember no matter how strong we make our cat scratchers kitties tearing away at it on a daily basis will take its toll and sisal replacement will be needed at some point.

No need to buy the complete cat scratcher again though,  just use our re-sisal service and save those pennies and our planet 🌏

Cat Scratcher 8321

    • 47cm (h) x 53cm (w) x 44cm (d)
    • Sisal Area 29cm (l) x 67cm Girth
    • Sisal 12 mm 
    • Weight 16kg
    • Pallas Re-sisal service available £35
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • Adjustable chrome legs
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