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Cat Tree 11922


Carefully crafted with a light English Oak and handmade to the highest standard.

The unique wicker cat beds, available in three designs, are built to last a lifetime and can be adorned with authentic washable sheepskin or puffball beds for the ultimate comfort experience.


This exceptional cat tree comes with a 2-year guarantee and free UK delivery, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Allow your furry friend to bask in luxury and style with this piece that complements any home décor.


Rodney Rat

Rodney Rat is a large, handmade cat toy made from natural sheepskin and sisal.

Cats love the smell and feel of sheepskin, and the lanolin in the wool helps to relax them. You know how cats go nuts when they smell catnip? Well, a similar thing is happening when animals rub against lanolin, but instead of getting a little "wild", they get very relaxed.

Rodney can be attached to the underside of basket.

Cat Tree 11922

    • 71cm (h)
    • Base 39x49x7.5cm
    • One cat basket 46x46cm
    • Two cat basket 54x54cm
    • Sisal area 35x24cm
    • Sisal 10mm 
    • Adjustable chrome legs
    • Association toy
    • Re-sisal service available 
    • Weight 10.95kg 
    • Crafted to exacting standards from Solid English oak
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