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Cat Tree 6121

A Spacious Retreat for Your Beloved Feline Friends!


This stunning, robust cat tree is a heavy-set piece, meticulously crafted to accommodate not just one but two average size breeds or an extra-large breed, such as the Savannah F1 & F2, Maine Coon, or Norwegian Forest. It's designed to provide ample space and comfort for your larger furry friends.


The base, crafted from a thickset slab of English oak, boasts a prominent and natural knot, adding a touch of rustic beauty.

The medium English oak tones complement various home decors seamlessly, making it an ideal addition for those seeking larger cat trees for bigger breeds.


Offering customers the choice of various authentic sheepskin shades or washable puffballs, this cat tree ensures your cats enjoy the ultimate comfort in a space tailored just for them.


Sheepskin Shades

  • Rare breed
  • Ivory
  • Natural Brown


  • Coffee 
  • Cream


Encourage Natural Instincts

Enhance your cat's playtime with our exclusive Rodney the Rat, a handmade cat toy crafted from sheepskin and sisal. This irresistible rodent-inspired toy will encourage your cat to exercise their natural hunting instincts, keeping them entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Rodney Rat a natural handmade association toy can be added for extra enjoyment. Rodney halps cats understand that this is their piece of cat furniture to sleep and play on and distracts them from scratching on other soft furnishings


Key Features:

  • Crafted from a thickset slab of English oak
  • Ideal for 2 average size breeds or 1 XL breed
  • Medium English oak tones for versatile decor blending
  • Choice of washable authentic sheepskin or puffballs for comfort
  • Fully assembled upon delivery for immediate use
  • Optional Rodney Rat 
  • Adjustable chrome legs for stability


Our cat tree arrives fully assembled, offering immediate comfort and enjoyment for your pets. With a 2-year guarantee this cat tree ensures both convenience and durability.

Elevate your feline's comfort and provide a spacious haven for your cats—order the Cat Tree 6121 today and offer your furry friends the luxury retreat they deserve!


Arrives fully assembled rea

Cat Tree 6121

    • 56cm (h) x 66cm (w) x 61cm (d)
    • Base 63x46x10cm
    • Bed area with sheepskin 61x63x5cm
    • Puff Ball 60x60x18cm
    • Weight 27kg
    • Re-sisal service available
    • Adjustable chrome legs
    • Crafted to exacting standards from solid English oak

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