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Cat Tree 9421 :Handcrafted Luxury from Rare Walnut Timber! 


Indulge your feline companion with an extraordinary luxury cat tree handcrafted from the rare and exquisite walnut timber.

This exceptional piece offers a choice between 1 or 2 cat basket sizes in 3 designs, providing your furry friend with a regal and comfortable lounging space.


The rare walnut timber boasts stunning grain patterns, and this particular cat tree showcases the creamy chocolate tones that walnut is renowned for, making it a stunning addition to any space.


Enhancing its versatility, I've mounted a generously sized scratch area on this cat tree, featuring heavy-duty 12mm sisal rope, ensuring an ideal scratching space for your cat, promoting healthy habits and keeping your furniture protected.

When the sisal eventually wears, send the scratch post back to Sophisticated Scratch and we will renew it for you with our re-sisal service.


The options for your cat's comfort are plentiful—select from various natural tones of authentic sheepskins natural in colour or opt for the cozy and washable puffballs available in coffee or cream.

Rodney Rat is a natural association toy that lets your cat know this is their furniture to sleep and play on and cats generally love him.




  • Rare Breed
  • Ivory
  • Natural Brown



  • Coffee
  • Cream



Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from rare and stunning walnut timber
  • Choice of 1 cat or 2  baskets
  • Choice of 3 wicker basket designs
  • Creamy chocolate tones highlighting walnut's beauty
  • Heavy-duty 12mm sisal scratch area for versatile use
  • Available in various natural tones of sheepskins or puffballs
  • Sheepskin and puffballas are washable at low temperatures for easy maintenance
  • Rodney Rat toy (optional)


With a 2-year guarantee and free delivery within the UK, this cat tree offers both luxury and peace of mind in one stunning package.

Don't miss the chance to provide your beloved pet with this exceptional Cat Tree 9421, a masterpiece crafted from rare walnut timber. Elevate their comfort and your space with this remarkable piece today! 


Cat tree arrives assembled ready for use

We offer a convenient re-sisal service so you never have to replace the cat tree just replace the sisal.


Cat Tree 9421

    • 65cm (h) x 79cm (w) 56cm (d)
    • Sisal Area 55cm (h) x 30cm girth
    • Sisal 12mm circumference 
    • Adjustable Chrome Legs
    • Handmade Wicker Basket Bed 
    • Re-sisal service available 

    Basket Sleep Area

    Condo 🐈‍⬛ 43x43cm  🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 48x48cm

    Taper 🐈‍⬛ 52x52cm   🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 57x57cm

    High Wall 🐈‍⬛ 46x46cm   🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ 54x54cm

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