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Unleash your feline's inner adventurer with this majestic English Oak Cat Tree 5323!

Crafted from nature's finest, this one-of-a-kind cat tree is more than just furniture - it's a handcrafted masterpiece built to last.

The rich, creamy tones of the English oak are accented with striking dark streaks that flow through the grain, creating a visually captivating piece that blends seamlessly into any home decor.

Unique twists and turns in the limb give this cat tree character and intrigue, while three naturally flowing arms provide ample space for your furry friend to climb, perch, and survey their kingdom.

Each arm boasts a spacious sleeping area, offering cozy nooks for napping and daydreaming. Each sleeping area is a luxuriously soft throne, draped in the finest, washable sheepskin. Choose from three natural shades to perfectly complement your kingdom's decor.


Sheepskin Colours

  • Rare Breed 
  • Ivory
  • Brown

Note: Sheepskins will vary in pattern and colour due to being a natural product.


A helpful step at the base makes reaching the highest heights a breeze, even for the most nimble of paws.

Nature's artistry continues at the bottom of the trunk, where a stunning knot adds a touch of rustic charm. And for added stability on any floor surface, the adjustable legs ensure your cat tree stands tall and proud.


Unleash the Claw-some Combo: Rodney Rat toy and optional Scratching Post!

Looking for a way to keep your feline friend entertained, exercised, and off your precious furniture? Look no further than Rodney Rat, the handmade sheepskin cat toy and a oak and sisal scratching post built right in!


Rodney Rat: More than just a toy, it's a playground!

  • Cuddle-worthy Sheepskin: Rodney's soft, fluffy exterior is irresistible to feline snuggles and playful pounces. It's the perfect cuddle buddy for naptime or a soothing stress reliever after a long day of chasing dust bunnies.

  • Irresistible Sisal: The built-in scratching post satisfies your cat's natural instincts to sharpen their claws, keeping them healthy and preventing unwanted furniture scratching.

  • Space-Saving Solution: Short on square footage? No problem! This all-in-one design combines playtime and scratching in one compact package, keeping your home clutter-free and your cat entertained.


But wait, there's more!

  • Optional Scratching Post: Choose Rodney Rat with or without the scratching post to perfectly suit your needs and space.

  • Sustainable Scratching: Worried about worn-out sisal? We've got you covered! Our exclusive Re-Sisal service lets you detach the scratching post and send it back to us for a fresh sisal replacement, extending its life and reducing waste.

Ready to give your cat the ultimate gift of playtime and purrfectly manicured claws?

Order your Rodney Rat and cat scratcher today and watch your feline friend go wild for this innovative, handcrafted cat furniture


Click the link below to learn more about our Re-Sisal service!

Re-Sisal Service


This handcrafted English Oak Cat Tree is more than just a cat tree - it's an investment in your cat's happiness and your home's beauty.


Order yours today and let the adventures begin!


Cat Tree 5323

    • Height143cm
    • Width
    • Base 53x45x10cm
    • Helper Step 13x13cm
    • Weight 32.2kg

    Platform height from the ground

    • Top 143cm
    • Middle 107cm
    • Bottom 89cm

    Platform size

    • Top 52x53cm
    • Middle 49x44cm
    • Bottom 49x37cm

    Optional oak sisal post

    • Oak post 50-70cm
    • Sisal 12mm


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